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Chain Transfer Offset

Transfer pallets from roller conveyors to adjacent parallel conveyor lines.

The chain transfer offset is used to transfer pallets from roller conveyors to adjacent parallel conveyor lines. The motor-driven chain conveyor is lifted and lowered by a crank lift gear with parallel guide rods.

When the device is inactive, the chain tracks are lowered underneath the top edge of the rollers of the two parallel roller conveyors, providing for smooth transport of the pallets on the roller conveyors.

During transfer, the chain conveyor lifts a pallet above the top roller edge and transfers it crossways to the motor-driven roller conveyor. Once the pallet is precisely positioned over the adjacent parallel roller conveyor, the chain conveyor is lowered again, releasing the pallet to the material flow. For high payloads of up to 1,500 kg the transfer device optionally uses a centre pallet rail or a driven third chain strand to support the pallet weight.


  • Ease of maintenance, reduced costs with respect to spare parts and maintenance effort
  • High availability and safe transfer of pallets and grid box pallets thanks to precise positioning of loads
  • Reduced number of drives required in the system saves costs
  • High payloads, safe and reliable transport
  • Low noise emission
  • Optimised chain tensioning due to torque-limiting hand wheel
  • Electro-mechanical parallel lifting mechanism with three lifting positions
  • Reduced number of drives required thanks to slave drive of roller conveyor
  • Optional pallet rail or third chain strand
  • Different options for pallet and grid box pallet handling
Conveying speed
roller and chain conveyor0.2 - 0.45 m/s
Roller diameter89 mm or 60 mm
Nominal width850, 1050 and 1250 mm
Top conveyor levelmin. 450 mm
Payload per palletmax. 1500 kg
Temperature rangedown to -30°C
Information: Chain Transfer Of Sell Sheet
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