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Retrofit: Renew - Improve - Extend

Providing reliability, safety and profitability of your logistics system

Retrofit: Renew - Improve - Extend

    We update all relevant mechanical, control or software modules such as conveyors, storage and retrieval devices, sortation system, picking solutions, drive or control system components, interfaces, etc.

    We review your control and supply chain software in order to update and adapt it to your logistics processes. Investing a small amount of time and effort can provide you with significant improvements.

    As the demands on logistics operations change, your system may need to be extended and adapted to cater for these new situations. We analyse your existing system and add new system elements and functionalities where necessary.

    Once the modernisation of your logistics solution has been completed, we will provide you with 24/7 support during 365 days a year.

Complete modernization of mechanics and IT equipment

Does your logistics solution still meet all your requirements or has your system become out-of-date and you would like to reduce your service costs and increase its energy efficiency?

Our team of experienced retrofit experts will review your intra-logistics installation including controls and supply chain software in order to update and adapt it to your logistics requirements.

The possible options range from IT and control upgrades to a complete redesign and retrofit including replacement and extension of mechanical system components.

There are already a great number of examples that demonstrate the advantages that modernisation provides. Since the time when many conveyor and storage systems were designed and implemented, the logistics requirements have considerably changed. Increased article ranges and throughput rates, shorter lead times, higher energy costs, lower fault tolerances or changing packing units and sizes pose a major challenge for many out-of-date systems.

TGW offers one-stop modernisation services, supplying software and controls as well as all mechanical components for conveyor, automated pallet de-layering and pallet building, sortation and storage systems. This ensures optimum processes and adherence to retrofit schedules.


  • increased and stable performance
  • flexible capacities
  • increased, assured availability
  • reduced and predictable costs
  • lower energy costs with higher energy efficiency
  • improved processes and functions
  • simple and reliable usability
  • increased performance and motivation thanks to ergonomic design


State-of-the-art technologies
Technologies of the newest generations raise your logistic service significantly




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For questions concerning modernisation and retrofit, please contact Markus Kammerhofer who will provide help and advice.

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