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Warehouse Automation

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems Improve Performance and Reduce Costs

Warehouse Automation

    Efficiently handling your goods in cartons, totes or trays with high performance stacker cranes or our innovative shuttle solution
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    Increase speed and performance of your pallet buffer solution with TGW’s high-density unit load solutionsTGW solutions enable speeds, acceleration levels and system heights that have never been achieved before.
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    TGW stores and retrieves your cartons and SKUs directly with our proven Twister load handling technology
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    The latest software technology enables you to bring out the best in your warehouse operations
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TGW AS/RS can reduce your logistics costs by up to 50 %

TGW’s automated storage and retrieval systems increase your warehouse efficiency in many ways. Eliminating manual warehouse operations enables you to increase your labor productivity, improve worker and product safety, and achieve highest inventory and order accuracy. With multiple equipment variations, we can design an individualized solution to meet your requirements. Our automated warehouse solutions enable highest speeds, throughput levels and system performances.

  • Warehouse automation reduces labour costs and building footprint
  • 30 years of warehouse automation experience guarantee reliable solutions
  • Proven electronic and mechanic technology result in highest system availability
  • Lightweight construction and intelligent controls lower your energy consumption
  • Selection of the right equipment based on standardized key performance indicators

TGW supplies customers around the globe with 500 stacker cranes per year so we know how to design and build cranes that deliver maximum power with optimal use. Precise operation and superior design offer real advantages and savings in comparison to other brands.

High-performance, highly dynamic modular construction kit

Automatic storage and retrieval systems from TGW are innovative and modular in design. We offer more equipment variations ranging from highly dynamic shuttle solutions to automated pallet buffer systems that meet a wider range of customer requirements. These highly dynamic, flexible systems can be used  for single- and multiple-deep storage and can handle totes and cartons up to 50 kg (110 lbs), trays up to 300 kg (660 lbs) or pallets up to 1200 kg (2640 lbs). Our AS/RS solutions operate at temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F), making them ideal for automated refrigerated and freezer operations.

Integrated Warehouse Management Solution

TGW’s WMS software supports all types of automated or manually operated storage systems. It allows for optimum performance of your warehouse and effectively communicates with your ERP system.

The required articles are stored and retrieved automatically and provided at ergonomically designed workplaces in a ‘Goods to Person’ approach. Absolute stock reliability and high performances are fundamental features of such systems. Mobile radio terminals or RF data communication systems in the manual warehouses guarantee an efficient and optimum storage process.


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