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Induction Conveyor for Sortation

Low-cost induction with rates up to 150 cpm

Upstream of every sortation conveyor, induction of products must be precisely executed to create the gap required by the sortation device, and thereby achieve the all-important throughput rate. We offer a wide variety of drive configurations to provide just the right speeds and gaps for each application.

This reliable, quiet, and versatile conveyor is designed to operate as an integrated system with TGW's many sortation technologies and is ideally suited where very high sortation rates are required.


  • Heavy duty construction with CRUZchannel frame provides high reliability
  • Wide variety of configurations offers optimal performance
  • Complements all TGW sortation technologies for a fully-integrated system
  • Wide speed range offers total flexibility
Maximum conveyor speed300 fpm
Maximum throughput200 ppm
Maximum product weight50 lbs/ft
Dimensions of productMin. 6"W x 9"L, Max. 28" x 28"
ConfigurationCenter or end
Four Std Widths16" - 34" between frames
Induction Conveyor for Sortation
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