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Controlled Flow Gravity Conveyor

TGW's controlled flow gravity conveyor is a non-powered, declined accumulation conveyor that utilizes brakes, electronic sensors, and pneumatic components to provide reliable, efficient accumulation.


Minimum-pressure accumulation for stable products or non-contact accumulation for delicate products. Also appropriate for maximizing accumulation without powered conveyor when an elevation change is required.


  • Economical
  • Easy to install
  • No minimum product weight restriction
  • Declining accumulation
  • Eliminates control, installation, and power costs associated with motors
  • Rollers rotated only by product movement, keeping noise to a minimum
  • Fail-safe, spring-loaded air brakes in each zone hold product if air pressure is lost
Minimum product length: 6"
Pneumatic brakes used to stop rollers
Electronic sensors with valving to control speed of product descent and facilitate accumulation
Controlled Flow Gravity Conveyor
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