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Twin-mast stacker crane

The twin-mast stacker crane STRATUS guarantees fast and exact positioning at top speed and acceleration thanks to an optional anti-pendulum drive, even at a height of 18 meters (59.1 ft). Two independent lifting units make the STRATUS D version even more efficient and flexible.

The STRATUS accommodates all TGW load handling devices, facilitating single-deep, double-deep and even multiple-deep storage. Due to its flexibility, it can be easily integrated in a wide range of highly complex mini-load applications.


  • Highest storage/retrieval performance
  • Fast positioning
  • Low approach distances
  • Flexible application
  • Simultaneous access to several totes increases throughput
  • High speed and acceleration
  • Anti-pendulum drive
  • Hydraulic dampers
  • Accommodates all TGW load handling devices for totes, trays or cartons
  • Combination of several load handling devices on one crane
  • STRATUS D is equipped with two independent lifting units
max. height18 m (59.1 ft)
max. travel speed4 m/s (13.1 ft/s)
max. travel acceleration2 m/s² (6.6 ft/s²)
max. lifting speed2 m/s (6.6 ft/s)
max. lifting acceleration2 m/s² (6.6 ft/s²)
max. payload300 kg (661 lb)
Information: Stratus Sell Sheet
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