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XP43 XenoPRESSURE Lineshaft conveyor

TGW XenoPRESSURE® conveyor provides true non-contact accumulation and state-of-the-art electronic sensing with TGW’s CRUZcontrol® technology. Ideal for a variety of applications, particularly where fragile products require non-contact accumulation for protection from damage.


  • Non-contact accumulation zones guarantee products will not touch one another during accumulation
  • Drive belts hold components in tension for quiet operation and increased component life
  • No minimum weight required for product sensing with CRUZcontrol electronic sensing
  • Basic or progressive zone release allows most efficient product release rate
  • XenoROL drive components warranted for five years or 10,000 hours of operation
Capacity80 (lbs./foot)
Minimum Product Length6"
XP43 XenoPRESSURE Lineshaft Conveyor
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