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The Twister is the optimum load handling device for multi-deep handling of cartons and totes of the same and different dimensions in shelving racks. The two telescopic arms of the Twister store and retrieve different load carriers precisely and quickly in/from the rack.

The Twister optimises the footprint utilisation in two ways: As the telescopic arms can be adjusted to each other, the required storage area may be adapted to any carton dimension as well as the clearance between the load carriers may be reduced. Furthermore, the Twister permits to minimise the aisle width with multi-deep storage, e.g. using a double-deep aisle clearance while handling the loads in triple-deep racks on both sides.


Twister N for same storing position width, but handling different load carrier widths
Twister NC additionally reduced aisle width handling the loads in multi-deep structures

Twister V for variable field pitch, optimised for any load carrier width
Twister VC additionally reduced aisle width handling the loads in multi-deep structures


  • High storage capacity due to multi-deep storage
  • Form-locked handling guarantees maximum availability
  • Increased performance thanks to direct handover to driven systems in AS/RS approach zone
  • Maximum safety and stability due to access of fingers at level of load carrier bottom
  • Simultaneous handling of totes and cartons of different heights and widths, even within one storage channel
  • Very high volume utilisation with C-variants as the aisle clearance is lower than maximum storage depth
  • High application flexibility thanks to different variants
  • Use of belt conveyors on Twister provides for optimal load support
  • Absolutely safe handling thanks to lateral guidance and driven gripping fingers
  • Integrated timing belt transmits energy to Twister fingers
  • Single and up to quadruple depth storage possible
  • Variable length of gripping fingers depending on load dimensions
  • C-variants provide for minimum aisle clearance with multi-deep storage
  • Compact, weight-optimised design
clear aisle width970 – 2000 mm
travel speedmax. 2.0 m/s (394 fpm)
loadcartons, totes, trays
 Length: 200 – 1750 mm
 Width: 150 – 650 mm
payloadmax. 50 kg (110 lbs) / load carrier
 max. 100 kg (220 lbs) / Twister
storage modessingle up to quadruple depth
Sell Sheet Twister
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