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2011 ProMat Presentations Online


What is the right distribution technology for retail operations

In the Retail/E-tail distribution industry, there are many types of technology that can do wonderful things for your operations. Sometimes, however, getting caught up in the latest "solution" causes us to lose sight of what should be the main distribute goods quickly and efficiently to your stores and to direct to consumers in order to meet the business expectations. What technology is right for me? There are no simple answers because it is not just about the technology but about the business, process and people that will make the technology work. In this session, we will explore some of the technologies/methodologies and why they may make sense for your operation.

• Hear the importance of process and how it affects technology and its use


DC automation for grocery distribution

Maximizing grocery distribution center performance and addressing ever-increasing newer requirements, including aisle ready delivery of shipments and total supply chain ROI are often solved with automation...but...still questions linger...Why automate? Is automation right for my company? What level of automation should we strive for? What types of automated solutions are best suited for grocery distribution? Carrier or non-carrier automation? This session will explore these questions and strive to provide some direction in the realm of automated systems. We will discuss the various factors that will aid you in understanding how well automation aligns to grocery distribution operations. We'll compare and contrast different approaches to a total automation solution. At the end of this session you'll have a clearer understanding of what is possible, and how well your organization's expectations align to the performance and capabilities of these types of systems.

• Benefits realized from total grocery distribution center automation