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TGW in the loop 04/2014


"Accompanied by luck"



"Accompanied by luck"

The Future Wings Private Foundation supports kids from poor environments in Mexico with the educational project Sueniños
In the South of Mexico, in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, about 30 people change the future of numerous kids every day. They offer a place to go to, good, education and perspectives. It started with a dream, as the project Sueniños emerged about ten years ago. If you want to change the world, you can also start small-scale. And if you are doing it right, you can accomplish big things. "In every child there is a dream," it says on the brochure of the project and these dreams do not seem far-fetched at all. A warm lunch, learning how to read, maybe studying English and starting to work. This and many other things are offered to a couple of children and teenagers in San Cristóbal for almost ten years now. The project Sueniños has its origins at Christian Szinicz, son of TGW's founder Ludwig Szinicz, and his wife Alma. "Our common dream was to help people and to work with children. Following this dream, we came to the city of San Cristóbal de Las Casas in the Chiapas highlands of Mexico which is influenced by colonial and indigenous culture," says the project leader of Sueniños. What had started as an afternoon program for primary school children, has developed to an extensive social project for children and teenagers of families with difficult situations and poor circumstances. 

Training to become carpenter at SueCap

The programm is being developed permanently, a second site in the same town was opened. "When the children got older, we thought about a possibility to still support them and to secure the project's sustainability." Thus, a youth centre and the educational program „SueCap“ emerged. Hereby, they offer teenagers the training to become carpenter. A friend of the Szinicz family was able to purchase machines and accessories for woodworking and provided them for SueCap. "We were really accompanied by luck! TGW helped us by transporting these tools via containers to Mexico and thus, we were able to open the carpenter workshop, in which eight apprentices have already finished their first year," the project leader is happy. The job training at SueCap lasts two years.

Self-consciousness for a solid future

Every day from 9am to 2pm the apprentices take part in the educational part. Alongside the education in the workshop that is led by a German carpenter, the youngsters absolve English courses and workshops for personal development. During this time, they can also catch up in their primary education. "For teenagers it is important to fidn their identity and to go their own way. This is especially hard for girls. Therefore, we are even happier to have two girls in our carpenter workshop. It would be a great accomplishment if both of them worked as carpenters after their education, which is also their aim," says Szinicz. The 17 year old Arturo Gomez Lopez is enthusiastic about his training and even wants to work as a trainer at SueCap after his apprenticeship: "At present I am doing some courses to become instructor and next year, I will assist our trainers," he is happy. Just like in a cycle. The topics that are dealt with and which are important for the personal development of the children, are also passed on to their families. "The mothers are excited about our theatre workshop. There, they work with topics regarding their daily lives. Topics like violence, drugs, education or health can find a platform here," Christian Szinicz knows.

Perspectives for youngsters, perspectives for SueCap

The team consisting of volunteers and employees is always eager to improve the quality of the care and educational opportunities. An own center, that is the big goal, in order to become independent from landlords and to lead a site efficiently. "We are very thankful for what we get from our supporters. Above all TGW with the Future Wings Private Foundation. With their financial and consulting support from the beginning, we were able to build a solid and sustainable developmental project. We are very happy about the co-financing of the Austrian Developmental Cooperation (OEZA - Österreichische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit) and the donations of the sponsors of our children. It is not very easy to build up trust for such a project and this shows us that we are represented with the required professionalism," Christian Szinicz smiles.

Sustainability on various levels

An ambitious project with a motivated team that is growing steadily. "We are happy to have initiated such an effective project withSueniños. Together with the children and teenagers and even their families, we can accomplish great things. This small contribution to our society is getting bigger and we hope to achieve even more in the future and to still be accompanied by luck," Christian Szinicz is proud.