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TGW in the loop 02/2014


TGW DropBox – Master stroke of order picking



TGW DropBox – Master stroke of order picking

Multi-channel distribution is considered the new challenge for fashion companies. The diverse order sizes are obstacles for efficient operation. TGW’s DropBox is designed to deal with this challenge.
The fashion industry prepares for larger store networks and online commerce, as picking increasingly becomes a growing challenge. The DropBox Solution fulfils store picking and at the same time revolutionises online business – highest productivity impartial to the order size.

At ergonomic workstations, employees pick single order lines batchwise into drop boxes. Afterwards, the customer orders are consolidated fully automatically: the orders are arranged and packed at the same efficiency level, regardless of the order’s size. Depending on the store’s individual layout, sequenced packing is an additional feature of the TGW DropBox Solution.

Increased efficiency in no time

The DropBox system achieves picking rates of about 800 order lines per hour and picker. The combination of various customer orders at one workstation accelerates procedures and facilitates the picking for smaller orders. Ideally a source carton is only taken out of stock once and distributed on various customer orders. Nonetheless, break packs have to be restored. Replenishment and restoring are done via a fully automated carton storage, handling the delivered cartons directly without additional load carriers. The automated sorting of the drop boxes guarantees the exact sequence of articles within an order.

Therefore, the correct sequence of the single items is assured also in the packing process. Additionally, the employees’ efficiency is optimised, since each packer reaches more than 1,000 articles per hour.

The DropBox as a flexible efficiency booster

The unique system of the DropBox completes various order sizes and structures in minimal time. The error rate diminishes by automating the processes, and therefore efficiency is raised significantly. Exclusive fashion deserves exclusive transport: the system handles the often sensitive textiles, shoes and accessories in a smooth way, due to the handling in specifically designed totes – no crumpling, no slipping of the wrapping.

TGW systems are created in a modular design, and so is the DropBox. Thus, the system is built individually for each customer, as the individual requirements are of utmost importance for the realisation. By detailed examining of the internal processes, TGW is able to adapt the system to the customer’s needs.