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TGW in the loop 02/2014


Happy Birthday, TGW Ibérica



Happy Birthday, TGW Ibérica

The 10th anniversary of TGW Ibérica is a reason for celebrating the success story of the TGW unit in Spain. Travel with us through the history, the stories behind the scenes, the challenges and the success of TGW Ibérica.
540 stacker cranes have been sold by TGW Ibérica. 24 orders in ten years. The success story of TGW Ibérica from a small unit, starting with a temporary office in a hotel hall, to a systems integrator selling material handling solutions to well-known customers.

2003 – TGW Ibérica was born

Javier García Cerrada, Managing Director of TGW IbéricaJavier García Cerrada, Managing Director of TGW Ibérica TGW Ibérica started with a small office – in the hall of a hotel in Barcelona with a table and some chairs in it. Javier García Cerrada, Managing Director at TGW Ibérica, remembers: "It was there that we designed our first logistics solutions for grocery retail. These plans served as the foundation for the development of the Spanish TGW entity."

Afterwards, they expanded step by step. A small office for three employees was opened and the more employees were hired. Managing Director Javier García Cerrada and Olga León Bermejo, Assistant of Managing Director, took care of everything. However, there were also two other people working for TGW Ibérica: "One of them worked on orders already received in the grocery sector and the other one developed the concept of the 21st century for Mercadona’s new distribution centres. Mercadona is still a trusting customer of TGW Ibérica.

2004 – First successful orders

After this, the success was obvious: the first orders as a mechanical equipment supplier were done and then, capacity was getting tight once again. The team moved into a new office in Barcelona with more than 100 square metres footprint - enough space for further development. During the following years, TGW Ibérica was happy to receive further orders and could broaden its references in the grocery sector.

2006 – New industries, new systems

With an order from a big multi-label fashion chain, TGW Ibérica was able to enter the apparel industry successfully. Their success in the grocery industry continued: three further systems integrator projects were celebrated. "We had to expand our team continuously - we also recruited project managers and IT experts as well as technicians for realization," the Managing Director recounts. This led to more independence from the Austrian headquarters and to a second floor in the office building. Further orders in the grocery and apparel industries caused a lack of resources. TGW Ibérica promptly reacted with the search for a new office building for the growing team. "In 2007, we moved into today's premises of Sant Just Desvern near Barcelona in Spain," Javier García Cerrada remembers.

2008 – The economic crisis

In 2008 and 2009, most industries had to face the economic crisis. However, the fast growing team of TGW Ibérica worked on new and innovative solutions for existing customers as well as for new customers who bravely invested in new material handling solutions. The collaboration with existing customers was intensified, and teamwork helped strengthen the business. Customers such as the supermarket chain AhorraMás enabled TGW Ibérica to broaden their know-how by installing a freezer installation and an installation for fresh goods.

2010 – Focusing on the apparel industry

In 2010 and 2011, TGW Ibérica was happy again to strengthen the collaboration with their customers in the apparel industry and was able to generate new orders for three new fashion chains.

2012 – New developments

For Mercadona, the team developed a new picking concept including overhead cranes for fresh products and implemented it in the customer's logistics centre in Guadix. TGW Ibérica was again able to broaden their range of customers with two grocery orders. Furthermore, the collaboration with the apparel industry was continued.

2012 – Collaboration with other units

In the years of 2012 and 2013, TGW Ibérica worked together with other TGW units. The close cooperation with TGW France led to a successful project in France. Projects in Chile and Brazil were able to be completed thanks to TGW Ibérica’s expertise.

Javier García Cerrada summarizes: "The development of TGW Ibérica was the result of the work provided by many people: clients, employees, suppliers, the Group and the society, who made the company we have today possible." TGW Ibérica celebrates their 10th birthday and wants to say thank you to all customers, partners and suppliers for the great teamwork!