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TGW in the loop 01/2014


Picking with Know-how



Picking with Know-how

Increasing productivity and the well-being of the employee – Creating the PickCenter Portfolio.
One key feature of TGW’s installations is the design of optimum workstations for picking processes. Individual requirements and processes are analysed and state-of-the-art high performance workstations are created by TGW. Working regulations have become stricter over the years and we can expect them to be more so in the future. This is a fact that will have a major impact on the way distribution centres are designed and operated. In developed markets where labour costs are high, goods-to-person solutions have already gained importance over the last ten years. The direct distribution channel (e-commerce) has been reticent to this trend, and operations in this channel remain very labour intensive. The reputation of poor working conditions experienced by employees within the picking function might change this picture dramatically.

High picking efficiency – error-free and ergonomic

Under these market conditions, high performance picking workstations are one of the key factors of success. The performance that operators achieve at workstations is the main driver for logistics costs and has the highest impact on the payback of the entire system. The workstation design focus needs to match the customers’ operations and is based on functionality, pick rates, ergonomics and a dramatical reduction of the error rate. PickCenter ONE offers optimum reaching distances according to standard specifications.PickCenter ONE offers optimum reaching distances according to standard specifications. TGW is aware of this important topic and provides a product family with optimum ergonomics and performance, achieving up to 1,000 accesses per hour: the PickCenter. This workstation family meets the requirements of different industries enabling a wide range of applications. “As a global systems integrator, we needed a standardised workstation portfolio that allows us to fulfil customer requirements for a wide range of applications in a cost-efficient way. Now, the PickCenter family in combination with our STINGRAY shuttle system allows TGW to design and implement best-in-class goods-to-person solutions for our customers,” Patricio Miranda, Manager Solutions Development at TGW Logistics Group emphasizes.

The PickCenter ONE

The PickCenter ONE is a high performance 1:1 picking workstation. It is the best solution to reduce failures to a minimum and the most efficient of the family, at the same time being more challenging for the technology, due to sequencing reasons. Two configurations are available which differ on the type of exchange mechanism of the totes or cartons.

The PickCenter MULTI

The PickCenter MULTI is a high performance workstation with multiple order destinations. The number of target positions for the PickCenter MULTI workstation can be adapted to the respective process requirements. Due to the many destinations, this PickCenter model can work with two different picking strategies:
Batch Retrieve & PUT or Discrete Retrieve & PICK
By using a PickCenter MULTI in a Discrete Retrieve & PICK environment, especially for smaller orders, the sequencing requirement for the picking machine is reduced as well as the associated costs. Four or
six target positions are used for this kind of application
typically. The PickCenter MULTI 2:N is based on a design with two alternating source lifts and twelve open target positions. This workstation is mainly used for the Batch Retrieve & PUT strategy. In this case several order lines can be picked from the same source tote or carton. Due to the number of targets, the walking distance increases and with it the picking time. In this scenario, the exchange time of the source tote is not as relevant for the overall pick rate due to the two alternating source positions.

Ergonomics – for motivated and healthy employees

Studies have shown that musculoskeletal and connective tissue diseases are the most common reason for sick leave. Therefore, the TGW Product Development cooperates with the Technical University of Vienna and Fraunhofer Austria Research to benefit from the scientific findings of the workplace design experts. Experiences and research results are put into practice and included in the design of picking workstations. Based on this, the PickCenter ONE has been designed with short reaching distances, bright and durable haptic friendly surfaces and ideally positioned displays and buttons. For further information to the TGW PickCenter solutions, please click here.