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Infeed / Outfeed Roller Table

Inward transfer of pallets

The infeed/outfeed roller table is used for inward transfer of pallets in a conveyor line or preparation for unloading. Installation is in a pit. Operation is suitable for front and side unloading/loading by means of hand forklift. Installation on a lift table is possible.

nominal widthmin. 850 mm (33.5")
 max. 1050 mm (41.3")
roller pitch145-220 mm (5.7"-8.7") (fixed geometry)
roller diameter137 mm (5.4")
drive powermax. 0.37 kW (0.50 hp)
conveying speedmin. 0.17 m/s (33.5 ft/m)
 max. 0.30 m/s (59 ft/m)
fork length1150 mm (45.28")
pit depth without lift tablemin. 425 mm (16.7")
lowest temperature-30°C (-22°F)