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Wheel Diverter Conveyors

The TGW XenoROL wheel diverter is an air-operated line-shaft-driven sorter, where high-friction divert wheels rise between rollers to gently divert product at a 30-degree angle.


For sortation from line-shaft conveyor in applications where product orientation must be maintained.


  • Diverts product at 30 degrees, maintaining orientation
  • Diverter driven by conveyor, requiring no additional drive
  • Speed up through divert and spur for higher rate and product separation
  • Diverts with minimum (15") gap between products allow for higher rate and simplify controls
  • Simple design for ease of maintenance
Sorts per minuteUp to 60
Maximum product weight100 lbs.
Minimum product dimensions6" x 9"
XenoROL Wheel Diverter Conveyors
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