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Line Shaft Sortation

Versatile, reliable and quiet live roller conveyor

TGW’s first decade in business was dedicated to developing a new concept in material handling - a line-shaft-driven live roller conveyor. Startlingly unique at the time of its introduction, this material handling innovation is still the quietest, safest, cleanest, most versatile, and economical conveyor available to the material handling community.

Our Ermanco brand XenoROL line-shaft conveyors are economical to install and maintain because of their efficient drive design. The more complex the configuration of conveyors, transfers, and devices, the fewer drives are required in comparison to other types of material handling systems.

Universal joint connections allow curved sections, spurs, and transfers to be slave-driven without the need for additional motors. The rollers used with XenoROL conveyors are independently driven by pretensioned elastomeric belts, which pull the drive spools against the line-shaft. The clutch-like slippage of the spool permits accumulation without damaging products or components.

Our Ermanco brand line-shaft conveyors and accessories are easily reconfigured to meet your current demands and future challenges. XenoROL systems operate at a lower decibel rate than conventional conveyors due to the need for fewer drives and moving parts. TGW offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry on all line-shaft-specific components - five years or 10,000 hours of operation.

Performance Parameters - Two different designs—XenoROL XR40 and XenoROL30—accommodate varying performance requirements.


  • Reduces energy consumption by 60%, noise levels by 75%, and installation time by 50% over conventional sorters
  • Picks up product “on the fly,” maximizing sort rate
  • Conveys product along entire length on belt, delivering quiet operation and increasing accuracy of diverts
  • Individual belt take-ups for smooth product flow and long belt life
  • Modular divert mechanisms allow quick, easy reconfiguration of system
  • Simple design for ease of maintenance

Fewer drives and moving parts

1/4” drive belts on curves, spurs and merges

Five year - 10,000 hour warranty

Modular design

Drive spool slippage

Fewer motors required

Add transfers, merges, incline/decline and curves without additional drives

Mix and match transportation and accumulation sections

Maximum Product Weight100 lbs/ft
Minimum Product Length9”
Six Standard Widths13” - 40” between frames
DrivesUp to 2 HP
Transfers (Urethane Belt)More than 14 styles
Application CriteriaFull range of accessories