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Pallet Telescope E

Single-deep storage of length- and crosswise pallets

The Pallet Telescope E consists of chain conveyors and telescopic forks, providing for dynamic, single-deep storage of length- and crosswise pallets weighing up to 1200 kg (2645 lbs). The Pallet Telescope E is a cost-efficient load handling device for pallets.


  • Significant increase in performance
  • Low-cost and reliable equipment
  • Fast handover to AS/RS approach zone
  • High speeds and acceleration
  • Simple, compact design
  • Low-cost load handling device
clear aisle width1500 mm (59.0'')
telescope speedmax. 1.1 m/s (275 fpm)
top Beam levelmin. 1450 mm (57.1'')
bottom beam levelmin. 550 mm (21.6'')
loadeuro pallets, grid boxes - max. 1200 kg (2645 lbs)