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The NBS 90SP conveyor uses a series of narrow belts, each with individual take-up, enable the system to precisely track product as it reaches specified divert points. High-friction rollers then rise to grip and gently divert product at a 90-degree angle in either direction.


Right-angle sortation of small products, either in one direction or left and right.


  • High-speed sortation of small products maximizes throughput
  • Reversible diverter drive diverts right and left, saving space
  • High-friction transfer rollers deliver positive acceleration and maximum divert rate
  • Picks up product “on the fly,” maximizing sort rate
  • Conveys product on belts until sorted, increasing accuracy of product tracking
  • Individual belt take-ups reduce maintenance and extend belt life
Sorts per minuteUp to 144
Product dimensionsMinimum 4" x 4", maximum 13" x 24"
Maximum product weight20 lbs.
Maximum speed300 FPM