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Coop entrusts TGW


The Coop Group, being one of the leading grocery retail corporations in Switzerland with an annual revenue of 27.8 billion Swiss Franc, relies on TGW technologies and places an order for an extensive materials handling project at their site in Schafisheim in the Swiss canton of Aargau. A new regional distribution centre for the two sales regions North-West Switzerland and Central Switzerland – Zurich will be implemented.

Coop’s retail stock comprises about 70,000 items and consists of various groups of goods. Thus, the logistics infrastructure is confronted with high requirements each day. Within the logistics and bakery strategy 2015+, the Coop Group committed to an optimisation and a reduction of the carbon footprint and therefore decided to consolidate the regional distribution centres for Central Switzerland – Zurich and North-West Switzerland. For this new distribution centre in Schafisheim in the canton of Aargau, Coop trusts in the systems integrator competencies of TGW to implement the complete materials handling system.

Distribution centre Schafisheim – regional and national functions

Besides the regional functions, the Schafisheim site will take over national functions, too. A national goods-handling platform for bakery goods and a new large-scale bakery in building B will be implemented. Furthermore, a deep freezer warehouse is planned, which will work as the national warehouse for Coop’s deep frozen goods. The freezer logistics will be handled centrally from Schafisheim. The project consists of the extension of the existing building A and the new construction of building B.

Four areas for efficient logistics processes

The project is basically divided into four areas. The existing building A will be used for the storage and semi-automated picking of general goods (dry goods) and primarily consists of a four-aisle high bay warehouse for pallets and different picking zones.

In the "cooling machine" area, extension of building A, the complete range of fresh goods including dairy and meat products as well as confectioner and convenience products will be stored and automatically picked. After the delivery, the units are repacked onto trays and stored in a shuttle buffer. Then, the fully automated roller container loading is handled according to the desired sequence of the store and their specified order and goods structure.

In the "freezer area", new construction building B, pre-baked dough pieces as well as general deep frozen products will be stored in the pallet buffer. After the store orders, the goods are depalletised and temporarily stored in the shuttle buffer. Afterwards, the roller containers are loaded automatically according to the defined order and item structures.

As fourth area, the "empty packs centre" will be implemented in building B. The major functions are: waste disposal of the stores, temporary storage of empty roller containers, empties buffer for the bakery’s production, empties sorting, cleaning of the empties and the replenishment of all picking workstations with pallets, empty containers and roller containers.

With this installation for Coop, a logistics concept is realized that sets new benchmarks for Coop and TGW. The installations will be implemented and commissioned between 2014 and mid 2016. With this extensive system, TGW was able to win the biggest order in the corporate history.


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From left to right: Daniel Hintermann (Coop Project Manager and Head of Logistics Region North-West Switzerland), Georg Kirchmayr (President TGW Logistics Group), Leo Ebneter (Director of Logistics and member of the Coop Management Board) and Harald Schröpf (Managing Director TGW Logistics Group) signing the contract for the implementation of the new logistics centre in Schafisheim. 5.0 MB JPG
The TGW STINGRAY shuttle system will be used as buffer in the cooling and freezer areas. 2.4 MB JPG