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Narrow Belt Sorter

Align and divert 12,000 cartons or totes per hour

The TURBO™ Sortation System is the newest advancement in the range of extremely reliable Narrow Belt Sorter technology by TGW-ERMANCO. The innovative, patent pending WAVE™ technology is used to align and divert products at rates of 12,000 cartons or totes (400 x 400 / 16" x 16") per hour. The COMMANDER™ Systems Control complements the mechanical hardware, operating the sortation system with efficiency and precision.

Six rows of rubber coated pop-up wheels are placed at the appropriate transfer positions between these belts. Each rows of wheels are raised and lowered independently when a carton comes into its target lane and the carton is guided from the sorter to the target lane at a 30° angle. To keep the gaps between the cartons for sorting as small as possible these rows of wheels are raised and lowered as the carton passes over, creating a wave motion.


  • higher performance at same conveying speed
  • diverts to left, right or both sides at high rates
  • reduces total cost of ownership
  • minimises downtimes and maintenance
  • saves energy, installation and commissioning costs
  • less wear and fewer product spills and jams
  • WAVE™ technology minimises gaps between the goods handled
  • modular design with dedicated controller for each WAVE™ Diverter
  • higher ease of use than conventional 12,000 cph sorters
  • simple, durable equipment
  • compatible controls and mechanical hardware design
  • precise control
conveying speedmax. 1.9 m/s (375 fpm)
nominal widths415, 595, 775 mm (16.4", 23.4", 30.4")
transfer angle30°
transferssingle sided/dual sided
load weightmax. 35 kg (75 lbs)
load dimensionsmin. 150x230 mm (6"x9")
 max. 710x910 mm (28"x36")
performance200 cpm (carton length 400 mm/16")
Information: Narrow Belt Sorter Sell Sheet
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