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Crosswise storage in track storage positions

The Muli is a satellite vehicle used for the crosswise storage of pallets weighing up to 1200 kg (2645 lbs) in channel warehouses with a depth of up to 20 m (65 ft). The use of a chain conveyor on the lifting device reduces handover times in driven AS/RS approach zones.


  • Increased performance
  • Direct handover to AS/RS approach zone
  • Gentle handling as the Mule load handler extends under the entire width of the pallet
  • Crosswise storage in track storage positions
  • Maximum travel length of 20 m (65 ft)
  • Handling of pallets, grid boxes and other load carriers similar to pallets
  • Direct handover to driven systems in AS/RS approach zone
clear aisle width1400 mm (55.1'') to 1600 mm (63.0'') depending on load carrier
satellite vehicle speedmax. 1.5 m/s (295 fpm)
top beam levelmin. 1550 mm (61.0'')
bottom beam levelmin. 650 mm (25.6'')
loadpallets - max. 1200 kg (2645 lbs)