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Transfer Car

Maximum system throughput over short distances

The transfer car is used for the efficient distribution of pallets in high bay rack aisles, workstations, dispatch areas, etc. By combining several load carriers (e.g. roller conveyor, chain conveyor, mule satellite vehicle), single or double transfer cars can be customized for special requirements. The frequency-controlled drive system allows controlled acceleration, deceleration, and precise positioning. Its quiet operation is an additional benefit.

Thorough implementation of the TGW module concept and the use of tried and tested components linked with this leads to a very high line availability. In addition to this the maintenance and service down times are very low since easy access to the parts that must be maintained is already given full account in the design.


  • Efficient distribution over long distances
  • Maximum system throughput over short distances
  • Increased throughput, minimum floor space required
  • Quiet operation
  • Stabilize loads for high speed/acceleration
  • Efficient, smooth transferring
  • High speed
  • Acceleration up to 4 m/s² (13.12 ft/s²)
  • Two transfer cars may operate in the same aisle
  • Urethane coated wheels
  • Movable or fixed pallet load support wall
  • Precise positioning of loads
acceleration0.6 to 2.0 m/s², (1.97 to 13.12 ft/s²)
speed3.0 to 4.0 m/s (591 to 1181 fpm)
power drive2.2 to 38.4 kW (2.95 to 51.5 hp)
type1 or 2 load handling devices
overall heightmin. 450 mm (17.72”)
pallet weight transfer car simplemax. 1500 kg (3306 lbs)
pallet weight transfer car doublemax. 2 x 1500 kg (2 x 3306 lbs)
lowest temperature-30°C (-22°F)
Information: Transfer Car Sell Sheet
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