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Chain Offset

Safe, exact and smooth transfer

The chain offset device is used to transfer totes and cartons to adjacent parallel conveyors. By mounting an optional pusher bar, it is capable of handling goods with varying dimensions.


  • Safe, exact and smooth transfer of up to 1200 totes per hour
  • Reduced control costs
  • Transfer/offset of transported goods with varying dimensions
  • Safe, cost-efficient and maintenance-friendly construction
  • Standardised parts, minimised spare parts volume
  • Positive locking transfers
  • Simple construction with one drive
  • Optional pusher bar
  • Integrated automatic chain tensioner
  • Modular system design
  • Suitable for freezer applications
conveying speedmax. 0.65 m/s (128 fpm)
transfer speedmax. 0.80 m/s (157 fpm)
drive powermax. 0.25 kW (0.34 hp)
nominal width420 mm (16.5"), 620 mm (24.4"), 820 mm (32.3")
weightmax. 50 kg (110 lbs)
Information: Chain Offset Sell Sheet
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