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NBS Narrow Belt Sortation

Proven advantages over conventional sorters

TGW's NBS® Narrow Belt Sortation product family delivers key advantages over conventional sorters, reducing energy usage, noise, and installation time. The sorters utilize a series of narrow belts, each with its own take-up.

Ideal Applications - Efficient and cost-effective performance within the key middle range of sortation throughput.

Performance Parameters - Four different designs— NBS®30, NBS®90, TURBO and NBS®90SP—accommodate varying performance requirements


  • Reduces energy consumption by 60%, noise levels by 75%, and installation time by 50% over conventional sorters
  • Picks up product “on the fly,” maximizing sort rate
  • Conveys product along entire length on belt, delivering quiet operation and increasing accuracy of diverts
  • Individual belt take-ups for smooth product flow and long belt life
  • Modular divert mechanisms allow quick, easy reconfiguration of system
  • Simple design for ease of maintenance

Main conveyor drives divert wheels on NBS 30

Product is conveyed along entire length on belt

Simple design

Individual belt take-ups

Modularity of divert mechanism

Pick up product “on-the-fly” on NBS 90

Maximum Speed300 fpm
Maximum Throughput100 ppm
Maximum Product Weight75 lbs
Dimensions of ProductMinimum 6” x 9”, Maximum 28” x 36”
Minimum Distance Between Products18”
Minimum Distance Between Divert PointsSpur width x 2 + 5”
Maximum Length of Sorter200’
NBS Narrow Belt Sortation
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