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Ergonomic High Performance Picking by TGW


Logistics decision makers are always looking for possibilities to make order picking even more efficient. The optimum design of the picking process entails considerable advantages. Apart from optimised picking performance, cost criteria such as optimum use of picking personnel, footprint and volume utilisation, stock reduction and reduced returns handling play a vital role, too. Inadequate support of the picking personnel or inefficient replenishment are often reasons why picking solutions fail. TGW sets new standards for both criteria and will be presenting its latest solutions for high performance picking applications at the LogiMAT 2011.

PutStation – Ergonomic design for over 1,000 picks / hour

The picking workplace PutStation developed by TGW stands out for maximum performance thanks to most ergonomic workplace design and efficient implementation of the goods-to-man principle. High ergonomics is achieved, in particular, by the individually adaptable height the goods are provided at the workplace, the inclined positioning of the totes on one level and optimum arrangement of the displays. Depending on the goods that are picked, performance may exceed rates of 1,000 picks per hour and worker in a widely fatigue-free working process. The workers are directed through the picking process by means of pick-to-light displays, screens and scanners, which ensures maximum reliability and accuracy.

This solution easily adapts to applications of different sizes by integrating several PutStations in one picking area. Besides, operators will be able to better react to fluctuations in the rate of utilisation thanks to the flexible employment of picking personnel.

Nevertheless, this picking solution can only be operated successfully when goods are replenished from a high-capacity buffering system that ensures permanent availability of the goods at the picking stations.

TGW presents new storage system

TGW offers the broadest range of design options available in the market for automatic mini-load storage and retrieval applications that are perfectly suitable for supplying goods-to-man picking solutions. At the LogiMAT 2011, TGW will showcase a new solution that has especially been developed for high performance picking applications. Extremely short access times, maximum availability, a maintenance-friendly construction design and flexible handling of cartons, totes and trays open up new possibilities to further boost the picking performance.


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