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TGW in the loop 02/2014


TGW's Integrated Logistics Solution Makes Fashion Retailer Bestseller Ready For The Catwalk



TGW's Integrated Logistics Solution Makes Fashion Retailer Bestseller Ready For The Catwalk

Systems integrator TGW realized an impressive logistics solution in Haderslev, Denmark, for the Danish multi-label fashion retailer Bestseller, together with sorter specialist Crisplant.
In 2009, Bestseller decided to establish new logistics processes. The aim was to monitor all logistics activities in Europe from one single distribution centre as well as to fulfil the requirements through high efficiency and the competency for a widespread product range. This wish was realised by TGW by implementing two material flows differing from each other within one installation:
  • Assortment: The stores receive pre-configured kits of products. These kits are sent to the shops without modifications by the distribution centre. The TGW Cross Docking solution enables the goods to get through the centre to the dispatch area.
  • Classic store replenishment: Never-out-of-stock goods, products that are available in stores independent of the season, are continuously ordered by the stores. These orders are transported through the classic material flow from goods-receiving to goods-out and are picked especially for the stores.

Storage for classic store replenishment

Goods that are not pre-configured by Bestseller or arrive at the centre without a specific store order find their way to the goods-receiving area and into the automated mini-load warehouse.
The warehouse hosts up to 450,000 cartons in various sizes and dimensions. The cartons can be stored up to triple-deep, which offers a higher performance as well as a safe and easy access for maintenance via wide aisles.
Twenty-two TGW Magito single mast stacker cranes care for smooth storage and retrieval processes supported by TGW's Twister load handling device. At peak times, about 4,000 cartons per hour are moved. One carton weighs between 2.5 and 30 kilograms. The Twister load handling device adapts to the dimensions of the carton and adjusts the size of the load surface to the carton.


Ergonomic picking stations for high performance

Throughout the entire installation, high performance is an important aspect, so it is at the picking stations. On average, one picking employee reaches a throughput of 293 order lines per hour with peaks of up to 340 order lines per hour at the ergonomically designed TGW Putstations; at peak times, 130,000 pieces are picked per day. The arrangement of the picking stations allows Bestseller to flexibly deploy their staff. Two workstations are arranged in front of each other which means that during off peak times, one employee can handle two stations. When designing the logistics installation, TGW and Bestseller focused on ergonomics for their employees. Natural daylight and high ergonomic requirements create a comfortable working environment at the picking stations. The proximity to their colleagues at the workstations allows for mutual support and a great social climate.

In order to assure that all areas served by employees correspond to the ergonomic requirements, Bestseller and TGW collaborated with Danish ergonomics experts.

Highly automated palletising of single cartons

After the items are picked into the cartons, their journey takes them to the semi-automated palletising stations, to one of the four TGW SlotStax. Country-specific pallets are prepared there consisting of picked items and items from the cross docking solution. The software automatically calculates the ideal pallets for their individual goals and the cartons are collected in the buffers. As soon as all cartons for a pallet have arrived in the buffer area, they are forwarded to one of the SlotStax. At peak times, about 1,000 cartons per hour can be handled at one SlotStax. Similar to the picking area, these workstations are influenced by natural daylight. The material flow controls also consider equal workloads at all stations which enables an efficient deployment of the individual employees. At those stations, too, Bestseller can react flexibly to the given circumstances: each station can be handled by one or by two people.

Bestseller delivers reliably

A highly automated logistics installation is something completely new at Bestseller. With this logistics system, Bestseller is in good hands on the catwalk.