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The COMMISSIONER is an automatic storage and retrieval system for mini-load applications that incorporates a lifting beam design for optimum volume utilisation and maximum performance. The COMMISSIONER may be installed across a length of up to 10 m (32.8 ft) and can be used at building heights of up to 18 meters (59 ft). It accomodates different types of load handling devices, working as compact and highly dynamic AS/R solution for single- or double-deep storage of totes, cartons or trays.


  • Reduced footprint utilisation, maximum profitability
  • Highest throughput rates
  • Flexible application
  • Adapts to any logistics requirements
  • Highest efficiency in picking applications
  • Highly dynamic storage system in lifting beam design
  • High speeds and acceleration
  • Accommodates all TGW load handling devices for totes, trays or cartons
  • Flexible arrangement of individual Commissioner modules
  • Dynamic replenishment of aisles
max. height18 m (59 ft)
max. length10 m (32.8 ft)
max. travel speed2 m/s (6.6 ft/s)
max. travel acceleration3 m/s² (9.8 ft/s²)
max. lifting speed3 m/s (9.8 ft/s)
max. lifting acceleration4 m/s² (13.1 ft/s²)
max. payload100 kg (220 lb)
Sell Sheet Commissioner
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