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TGW Design & Technology for Designer Fashion e-Commerce


The online fashion retailer faces the challenge of small order quantities and the highest customer expectations in service and delivery accuracy; every minute of every day and are truly open all hours to the global market and the aficionados of designer fashion. The client offering requires that a large number of exclusive articles are available for purchase and the delivery promise is a demanding, same day or next day service that is geographically and customer determined.

The installation will be in operation by summer 2011 and includes an automated warehouse equipped with TGW Mustang Evolution automated storage and retrieval (ASR) machines, handling the storage totes at high speed and optimum accuracy. This high density storage technology maximises the available space and provides more than 50,000 storage locations. The storage module is connected to highly ergonomic goods-to-operator work stations by a sophisticated conveyor network. Two TGW Commissioner AS/R machines are used for buffering the orders between the picking and the packing processes. The conveyor network links the pick zone to the packing zone which is also populated with ergonomic work stations. The packing stations are then connected to the despatch area by the conveyor network where the orders are sorted by service level. The 1.4 km conveyor network provides a smooth and efficient transport system within the distribution centre and links two buildings via a high level bridge which reduces unproductive product transfer activity.

The contract includes a highly functional Warehouse Control System which will work in conjunction with the customer’s existing ERP system.


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