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Case Study Enders

Enders opted for a four-aisle, fully automatic tote warehouse

Case Study Enders

    Enders GmbH & Co. KG, based in Reiskirchen (Germany) has more than 170 years of experience in the meat-processing industry. The fifth-generation family-owned meat wholesaler employs a total of 300 people and supplies butcher shops, the food service and meat industry, offering its customers an all-round offering including meat, cheese, canned food, equipment for convenience stores shops, cleaning supplies, clothing, machinery and more. Enders ranks among the 5 biggest direct importers for natural sausage casings in Germany.


    • Consolidation of all 7,000 products into one warehouse
    • Warehouse management system with interface to AS400-based ERP system
    • Ergonomic picking system following the "goods-to-person" principle
    • 13,500 tote storage locations in 2 different dimensions
    • Warehouse for chilled (7°C/45°F) and dry food



    • Products can reliably be traced by the warehouse management system
    • All logistics processes are transparent
    • Availability of the products is considerably increased
    • Marked increase in quality of order processing, freshness of products, and hygiene during logistics operations
    • Higher delivery reliability



    TGW has been responsible for the entire planning and engineering process at Enders, including analyses of SKUs, order structures and general requirements, definition of IT processes to be implemented with the SCM system CI_LOG, as well as interfaces to the existing ERP system. This way TGW was able to design an overall logistics solution tailored to Enders' special needs.

    Enders opted for a four-aisle, fully automatic tote warehouse with direct conveyor connection to the goods receiving and order picking areas. TGW’s warehouse management system (WMS) called CI_LOG also functions as the material flow control system and is connected to Enders' AS400-based ERP system. In addition, Enders uses the information management system and visualisation modules at the control centre.


    Learn more about Ender's new material handling solution by TGW in a short video:


    "The goods-to-person principle helped us considerably improve our picking quality. The computer-based virtual warehouse enables us to optimally manage the warehouse, providing all relevant warehousing data. It guarantees traceability of products, monitors the residual times of all SKUs and makes the processes transparent, which is a prerequisite for a permanent process control even via the Internet."