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Turkish Fashion Retailer DeFacto trusts TGW


DeFacto orders an extensive logistics installation at its site in Çerkezköy, Turkey to further expand its activities. This is the first systems integration contract of TGW in Turkey.

DeFacto, part of the Ozon Giyim Group, entrusts TGW with the implementation of a distribution centre in Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ (100 km westward from Istanbul). DeFacto was founded in 2003 and has positioned itself as leading brand in the fashion industry. Meanwhile, DeFacto owns 190 stores in Turkey, what makes the company to one of the top brands in the Mediterranean area.

The growth as well as the expansion of DeFacto’s activities in the Near East require an investment in an efficient logistics facility. In 2011, the plans were initiated. At their site, a new logistics building of about 55,000 square metres will be built. In this building, TGW will install a carton warehouse with 12 aisles and a capacity of almost 200,000 storage positions, thus emphasizing the competencies in the area of direct carton handling. 12 Magito stacker cranes with Twister load handling devices will care for a high storage and retrieval performance. A conveyor system adapted to DeFacto’s needs and a tilt tray sorter will distribute the goods within the distribution centre. The entire installation will be controlled and organized by the TGW Warehouse Management as well as Material Flow Controls System.

After the successful start of the installation, which is planned for spring 2014, specially trained TGW Resident Engineers will support DeFacto in maintaining the automated material handling solution.

Hakan Aksoy, TGW Country Manager in Turkey, is happy about the first order intake representing the market entry for TGW as systems integrator in Turkey.


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