Financial Statement 2012/2013 - Noticias & Prensa - TGW Logistics Group
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Financial Statement 2012/2013


TGW, materials handling solution provider from Wels, Austria, consequently follow their path to an international corporation. By 2015, the company strives to have representations on all relevant and international core markets. In the past business year 2012/2013 the company focused on strengthening their market position and establishing reliable structures in their young entities. Orders worth 455 million Euros (609 million US Dollars) let them beat their record in the closed business year (by 30th June). This is a 25 per cent increase compared to the previous year. TGW started with an order backlog of 335 million Euros (447 million US Dollars) into the new business year. The revenue rose to 388.9 million Euros (519 million US Dollars), a plus of 7.35 per cent. The EBIT is 16.2 million Euros (21.6 million US Dollars). TGW employs 1,680 people worldwide, which is the highest level to date.

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