New SEW logistics centre by TGW
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TGW to optimise production processes at SEW Usocome


In the French town Brumath, a new logistics centre for the expert of drive automation SEW Usocome will be built. In order to prepare all goods needed for their assembly, TGW will realise an extensive automated mini-load warehouse with nearly 20,000 storage positions and picking as well as a sequencing buffer.

SEW Usocome with their headquarters in Haguenau, France is a subsidiary of the German SEW Eurodrive Group. The company is an industry expert of drive automation, from gear motors, drive electronics, control and software to individual drive solutions. SEW will build a new installation in Brumath, France, where almost 20,000 totes are handled with about 4,500 orders per day. The installation will be operated in two shifts per day, with five days a week.
TGW France will supply an automated mini-load warehouse with almost 20,000 storage positions for the replenishment of the production areas. The warehouse will be served by ten Commissioners with double drive and Combi Telescope load handling device. There will be a sequencer ahead of the seven picking stations. TGW will furthermore supply two automated destackers for full totes arriving stacked on trolleys and two automated stackers for empty totes.
The entire material handling and warehouse solution will be equipped with SEW drives. SEW will provide the controls of the commissioners, stackers and destackers as well as for the sequencers with their own PLC too. TGW will supply the controls of the conveyors.

The assembly will start in May 2014, go-live is scheduled for January 2015.


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