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TGW Supports Relief Project

TGW abstains from buying Christmas presents and instead donates the money on the “Kumplgut”, a local project for children with cancer.


A private initiative was started in Wels to establish a so far unique facility - an adventure farm for children who suffer from cancer. It shall give them the opportunity to regenerate in a relaxed atmosphere after their exhausting stay in hospital, regain their strength and forget the mental stress, regaining the carefreeness children should normally have. Up to 400 children a year will be able to enjoy a 2-week holiday on the “Kumplgut“ farm for free – everything will be financed via donations and sponsorships.


TGW will abstain from buying Christmas presents this year and instead donate the money on the “Kumplgut” project, supporting the work of a great number of volunteers. With a donation of 5,000 Euros we would like to contribute to the rapid completion of the adventure farm.

In order that the adventure farm can be run after its completion, it will depend on sponsorships. By donating 8 Euro per month everyone can support the project, helping children with cancer to get through hard times.


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