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I love mechanics and see things getting ordered. If goods are conveyed in the proper sequence and machines are working the way they should, that makes me happy. Machines have their own life and they have an inner system.

Yuhan Cheng
Junior Project Manager


We are international and multicultural.

What is more exciting than state-of-the-art technologies mixed with an intercultural environment and insights from multinational markets? This is exactly what awaits you at TGW.

Every day, all TGW entities communicate across the planet – from Brazil via Austria to China. Intercultural communication is essential for TGW: international trainings bring different cultures closer together, exchange programmes give our young talents a better understanding of the TGW world.

Become a TGW Expat and share your knowledge as well as your personal experiences with people all around the world. This helps the internal knowledge transfer and at the same time you boost your qualifications and your personality.


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Intercultural bonds

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Maintaining intercultural bonds is very important for us. It should be easy to access news from the entire TGW world, this is why we provide comprehensive Intranet news, announcements and information accessible for everyone in the TGW group. In our global magazine, TGW World, you will get an insight into the fields of activity of TGW employees. It promotes the holistic thinking of the company group. Intensive communication both within and between the units creates a corporate feeling in the TGW family.