TGW is class mentor at the politechnic in Grieskirchen - Notícias e Imprensa - TGW Logistics Group
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TGW is class mentor at the politechnic in Grieskirchen

Awakening enthusiasm for IT


The materials handling company TGW accepts the mentoring of class 1A HIG (higher informatics) at the polytechnic in Grieskirchen, Upper Austria. This way, the youngsters receive a specific insight of how their jobs might look like in the future. At the same time, TGW enforces the personal contact with the students and future, potential employees. Headmaster of the polytechnic, Barbara Seyff: "We are very happy about this cooperation. It is important that our girls and boys gain an insight into the practical parts of the job. This creates orientation and motivates young people."

TGW makes informatics tangible for students. Lectures about IT and automation in logistics are planned, lessons will be adapted according to the curriculum and programming exercises with practical examples from partner companies will be added. Excursions to visit TGW and other Upper Austrian customers are scheduled as well. Furthermore, internships are available and diploma theses will be accepted. Financial support will be given in the form of educational material and the visit of fairs. TGW Managing Director Thomas Berndorfer: "We want to show young people what IT is able to do with and in our systems and this way to excite them about IT and automation in the materials handling industry. Career opportunities at TGW are manifold for alumni of a polytechnic's IT branch, from IT development to project management and from specialist to area manager."


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The students of class 1A HIF (higher informatics) at the polytecnic in Grieskirchen (Upper Austria) will be accompanied by TGW throughout their school career. 6.7 MB JPG
Due to this cooperation, informatics is made tangible for the students and they gain a personal insight into the subject. 5.6 MB JPG