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Walter Meier entrusts TGW


Walter Meier is a distribution and service group in den fields of air conditioning and production technologies. The company was founded in 1937 and today generates a revenue of more than 300 million Swiss francs (246 million Euros) with about 800 employees. The Swiss wholesaler offers an extensive range of technical consulting services, competent planning support and a comprehensive service network, which makes it the leading one-stop provider in this industry. Their product portfolio and service range are consistently geared towards energy efficiency and increased convenience.

The existing, historically grown and constantly optimised logistics operations of Walter Meier have reached their limits of further development. Besides, new ordering possibilities, via the Internet (e-commerce) for example, become more and more important and the range of products is constantly growing. To ensure the company's future, it is essential to observe all trends and to take them into consideration. Therefore, Walter Meier decided to put their logistics operations on a new, forward-looking basis.

The new integral logistics concept is based on establishing a central service centre at a geographically optimal location. In practical terms, this means Walter Meier Klima Schweiz will have an own building installed which exactly adapts to the company's needs. The existing warehouses of Walter Meier will be consolidated in this 12,000 sqm Service Centre. The so-called CrossDocking, a strategy in which customer orders are centrally prepared, constitutes the core part of the new logistics concept. The fine distribution is done afterwards via decentralised sites with the company's own fleet.

The material handling system consists of an automatic pallet warehouse with four aisle, accommodating more than 11,000 pallets. In addition, an automatic tote warehouse with four aisles for almost 33,000 totes will be implemented. Order picking is carried out via a goods-to-person system including three workstations. The system comprising two goods receiving workstations, a re-pack station at the pallet loop and an order consolidation area with dispatch zone is connected to a manual warehouse with about 4,000 pallet locations as well as to a shelving rack warehouse with 1,500 storage locations.

TGW Switzerland is extremely happy about this order and the great trust which company Walter Meier has shown them in this project.


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