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Seminar: Innovative Logistics Solutions at Intersport


The Polish representative office of TGW Logistics Group and Intersport Polska SA invite you to participate in the seminar

”Innovative Logistics Solutions at Intersport”

which will take place on 13th of April 2011in Krakow.

This event is part of the “Automation in Logistics Processes” series of specialized seminars, focussing on the latest developments and trends in material handling solutions in Europe. This series of seminars is targeted on leading logistics professionals in Poland.

The seminar program will allow you to get learn more about the operations at the Intersport central warehouse. The newly built automated storage and retrieval solution for totes has a central function in Intersport’s supply chain operations.

During this seminar we will offer you the opportunity to get in touch with the Intersport logistics team and with TGW’s material handling solutions experts. In personal discussions you will have the chance to validate how an automated intralogistics solution can help you streamlining your operations.


If you are interested in joining the seminar, please request further information by sending an e-mail to poland@tgw-group.com by 15th March 2011.
Participation in the seminar is free of charge.
The seminar will be held in Polish.