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Freezer Logistic Solutions


To guarantee an uninterrupted cold supply chain for frozen products such as pizza, fish and ice cream, distribution centers need to be equipped with automated logistics solutions for freezer applications. These special conditions already have to be included in the planning process.

Years of experience  enables TGW to implement automated high performance solutions for totes, cartons and pallets, adapted for the variety of operating conditions. The range of temperatures in a warehouse dealing with frozen food has to be considered: refrigerated and frozen environments in addition to workspace for operators. Increasing performance requirements and stricter occupational health and safety regulations justify the implementation of automated freezer DCs.

Special conditions demand special preparation at an early stage. The transition between different temperature zones requires air-lock systems. Air-conditioning and cooling technology  have to be adapted to the heat development of the drives. Employee access is an important aspect concerning maintenance. Short walking distances and periods of entry prevent the employee from exposition to arctic climate. Video surveillance serves as error diagnosis without other control organs on site. Thinking of the environment, energy efficient machines will re-feed power of braking energy.

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