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TGW in the loop 01/2015


TGW in the loop 01/2015

TGW in the loop |01/2015

TGW in the loop 01/2015


Dear valued reader,

the grocery industry is also booming in the materials handling business, TGW being in the thick of it. We develop solutions that respond to the special storage and distribution requirements of groceries. Solutions that allow to distribute fresh products as fast as possible. And now the e-commerce factor comes into play. Order groceries online? No problem. The online orders are processed in no time in the distribution centre to bring the fresh products ordered by the consumers from the virtual shopping cart directly on the table.
Georg Kirchmayr
President of TGW Logistics Group GmbH
With the latest issue of our in the loop newsletter, I would like to invite you to learn more about these solutions, accompany us into the arctic temperatures in the distribution centre of Spain's supermarket giant Ahorramás, and to get an idea of the sporty speed rates - logistically speaking - that adidas do Brasil benefits from. Enjoy reading and find out more about TGW's fascinating material handling solutions.

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