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TGW Green Logistics

Sustainable products and energy efficient solutions

TGW Green Logistics

    Light weight design causes lower energy consumption and lower costs.
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    Individually designed solutions lead to an ideal relation of costs and energy consumption.

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    Active power management technologies save up to 25 % of the total energy consumption.
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    The exchanging of IT & Controls and the integration of power regeneration modules result in an updated and green version of the installation.
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TGW stands for high performance and sustainable materials handling and storage solutions. There is no conflict between TGW’s high speed equipment or solutions and sustainability in the sense of green logistics. Sustainability is an important aspect in TGW’s philosophy:

  • Energy efficiency on equipment and solution level
  • Reutilisation of materials as technical nutrients
  • But the key is: smart solution – smart use of equipment.

The Green Solutions Life Cycle

If you take an entire logistics solution, sustainability has to be part of every step within the life cycle:

Product Development: Lightweight design reduces moving masses resulting in reduced drive sizes, which translates to lower energy consumption and lower costs for drives, especially in automated storage and retrieval technologies. Whenever possible, TGW uses reusable and recyclable resources such as steel or aluminium, which adds to the sustainability of our material handling solutions.

Solutions Design: Data analyses identify the most efficient processes for an installation. By calculating the energy consumption, a forecast of future costs is possible and with this the possibility to react and implement energy saving strategies.

Controls and WMS: The Warehouse Management System (WMS) strategies balance the performance of an installation. Active power management technologies are integrated on the controls level as well as power regeneration and recuperation technologies, which save up to 25 % of the total energy consumption.

Ramp-up & Operation: The system is constantly optimised during ramp-up including automated lowering of speed of AS/RS and conveyors in times of lower performance and automated shut-down of temporarily unused areas.

Lifetime Services: Regular preventive maintenance keeps energy efficiency of components and mechanics high. Additional optimisation workshops help customers to get to know the installation and how green logistics is realised.

Retrofit / Modernisation: The exchanging of IT & Controls equipment and components as well as software for power management or new WMS strategies and the integration of power regeneration modules in older solutions result in an updated and green version of an existing installation.

Professional energy efficiency by TGW

TGW offers individually optimised logistics solutions. Professional energy efficiency is an issue throughout your project, regarding the various phases of the process. In the end, costs are saved for energy supply and consumption. TGW’s responsibility is something we take very seriously, not only for the environment, but also for present and future societies and mankind.


"We had to rely on the manufacturers' power specifications during the contract awarding process. Thanks to our exact records we know now that the Commissioner solution consumes significantly less energy than our previously used conveyor loop buffer, and with a considerably higher performance."

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