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Stay Flexible And Scalable

Creating Your Conveyor Solution

We consider the TGW KingDrive® Technology to be the most flexible and scalable conveyor system designed specifically to handle plastic tote bins and cartons at high speed with a maximum payload of 50kgs. Splitting the conveyor system into small modules enables it to react easily to varying products and operational requirements. We create your conveyor solution according to your needs. Tailor-made and flexible with your future in mind!

Your individual solution:

  • Fast and reliable transport
  • Safe, controlled handling of your products
  • High availability
  • Energy efficient operations
  • Long life cycle
  • Low life cycle costs

Up And Running

Reliable Functions – Efficient Operations

We recognize that our customers are looking for solutions that provide efficient processes and an excellent return on investment by using the latest technologies . This approach will differentiate you from your competitors. Sometimes the best solutions are quite simple.

The TGW KingDrive® Technology is the intelligent conveyor family of today and for the future. It is flexible, scalable and provides high performance and long life. Total cost of ownership is enhanced by low maintenance cost and high energy efficiency.

TGW’s intelligent KingDrive® Technology knows how to offer you a reliable and long-life system:

  • Only the required modules are active – keeping your life cycle costs low
  • Intelligent communication system between the KingDrive® rollers and the control system
  • A variety of goods with variable dimensions are conveyed, accumulated, transferred using the KingDrive® Technology
  • If one module fails, the system continues to operate – KingDrive® improves reliability and availability
  • Intelligent "status" diagnostics for easy maintenance – long and healthy life cycle of your installation
  • Ultra-quiet operation providing an ideal working environment for operatives
  • Low variety of spare-parts further supports low life cycle costs

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Did you know ...

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  • They have a simple system to communicate with each other
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Nature has a solution to its logistics processes? TGW has the solution for yours. The KingDrive® Technology.




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