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Case Study Hama

Hama trusted in the high-quality mechanical equipment and price/performance ratio of TGW.

Case Study HamaPLAY

    The installation stands out for its intelligent material flow and highest efficiency in goods supply.


Hama GmbH & Co KG of Monheim in Germany has over half a century of success behind it as a leader in the accessories business. The range offered and the company’s capacities have been continuously expanded by using latest technologies plus a great deal of serious commitment. Today Hama is one of the leading accessories specialists for the product areas photography, video, audio, computers and telecommunications with its range of over 16,000 products and about 2,000 employees on every continent.

The quality-boosting application of state-of-the-art technologies has been a leading principle in the corporate philosophy from the start. One example is the commissioning of an advanced logistics and distribution centre in 1997 including a fully automated high bay warehouse that set new standards with respect to its technical equipment and delivery service efficiency.

For the implementation of their recent project – the extension of the reserve warehouse – Hama was supported by the long-standing planning partner Pierau and trusted in the high-quality mechanical equipment and price/performance ratio of TGW Mechanics. The installation now stands out for its intelligent material flow and highest efficiency in goods supply.


  • Fast customer supplies have highest priority
  • Optimisation of delivery service
  • Permanent expansion of existing storage capacities with state-of-the-art technology
  • Adjustment of specially developed warehouse management system to the requirements resulting from the new mechanical equipment
  • Increase in capacity by 27,800 pallet storing positions in the high bay warehouse and 110,000 carton storing positions in the new automatic small parts warehouse
  • Accelerated supply of the picking warehouse
  • Handling of a large range of cartons, the unfavourable height and width ratios and highly dynamic functional processing posing a special challenge



A new goods receiving building with three logistics levels was constructed in addition to the warehouse expansion, thus reducing and automating company-internal transport distances and significantly improving the goods availability.

The new goods receiving area where goods are unloaded and sorted directly from the truck is situated at ground level. The returns department is above the goods receiving area. Returns that are delivered to the goods receiving area are conveyed to the returns department using the new pallet conveyor system where they are separated and processed in a tote line. Random sampling is carried out in the goods receiving area, the samples are sent to quality assurance on the second floor by a new vertical pallet conveyor. Finally the inspected incoming goods are handed over to the new or existing high bay warehouse via the frame lift and new pallet conveyor system. There the storing position is allocated by means of a warehouse management system.


An already existing 8-aisle narrow aisle warehouse served by five pallet narrow aisle stackers is located at the bottom level. A new connection has been established from this warehouse directly to the new high bay warehouse. A total of 27,900 pallet locations are available on 14 storage levels. Five high-performance pallet stacker cranes assume storage and retrieval operations in two approach zone levels.

The pallets are separated into cartons at eight workstations in the de-palletising area. The cartons and totes are automatically identified after de-palletising and transported on a high-performance conveyor line to the automatic carton warehouse or directly to the order picking area and afterwards to the packing area.


The automatic mini-load system with eight aisles and a total of 100,600 storing positions is located on two levels in the building one above the other. Rack stacking operations in the beam-type shelves are done by 12 m high stacker cranes.

An average of 900 storage and retrieval movements is performed per hour and per level by high-performance TGW handling machines. The retrieved cartons and totes are then handed over to the two conveyor loops. From there the totes are on the one hand sent as direct retrieval to the dispatch area and on the other hand transported as supply goods to the existing picking warehouse. The performance in this area is up to 1800 cartons per hour.


The picking warehouse is automatically supplied by the new tote conveyor system and the pallet conveyors from the high bay warehouse and the mini-load warehouse getting the exact quantities required that are calculated in advance by the warehouse management system. The material flow has been modified and considerably improved compared to the initial situation where the order picking area had only been supplied by a pallet high bay warehouse. In the new solution the high bay warehouse is only used as buffer for de-palletising and subsequent storage into the mini-load warehouse, the supply of the picking stations is, to a large extent, realised by the mini-load warehouse.

Once the orders have been consolidated in the order picking area the dispatch cartons are automatically transported to the packaging area, provided with an address label and afterwards sent over the dispatch / loading area into the truck.


Thanks to extensive testing the optimum equipment could be found and applied in the new system which is prerequisite for top performance during storage, supply and transport of the different packaging units.

By integrating a mini-load warehouse the system flexibility and quickness are increased, having a positive effect on the goods availability in the picking warehouse. Orders with different sizes, from individual packages to whole truck loads, can now be completed faster, meeting the respective requirements. Besides, the wide range of products can be handled more easily.


The new system comprises 16 TGW high-performance Mustang stacker cranes with anti-pendulum drive. A Twister VC Plus serves as load handling device which permits double-deep storage in a single-deep aisle. It is equipped with a lift device and disposes of a second level that can take over a second carton. Storage and retrieval work according to the same principle: two telescopic arms retrieve the cartons and totes by moving laterally past the cartons, placing a finger behind each carton.

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