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Salewa Headquarters Bolzano South

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Salewa Headquarters Bolzano South

    High quality sports fashion and equipment are stored, processed and shipped in the new distribution centre of Oberalp

    The automated mini-load warehouse flexibly stores 97,152 plastic totes and trays in a 18.5 meter high rack

    Oberalp was a pioneer project regarding energy management. The system was reinforced by the customer.

    The controls were connected to the warehouse management controls by using a gateway with distinct material flow functionality.

A modern, energy efficient central warehouse including company headquarters and dispatch. High quality athletic fashion and equipment of the brands Salewa, Silvretta and Dynafit will be stored under the roof of Oberalp S.p.A.’s new logistics centre in Bolzano, using energy efficient solutions by TGW.

Objectives and Requirements:

  • Consolidation of various satellite warehouses into one site
  • Warehouse for 97,000 plastic totes and trays
  • 50,000 SKUs from the brands Salewa, Silvretta and Dynafit
  • 600 picks per shift in addition to manual picking of bigger goods – up to 30,000 goods per day
  • Energy efficient system in a new, modern building

Customer Benefits:

  • Individualized controls interface program: special gateway for the connection of the existing system with new technologies
  • 24/7 TGW Hotline support
  • Significantly higher performance through high automation in the entire logistics solution
  • State-of-the-art technologies in a highly flexible system for sporting goods


The customer’s requirements were realised in an automated storage and picking system, including a customized nterface between TGW’s warehouse control system and Oberalp S.p.A.’s existing business software.

Automated mini-load warehouse

The heart of the solution is the automated mini-load warehouse for 97,152 plastic totes and trays, which are flexibly and optimally chaotically stored in the 18.5 meter high racks. About 50,000 SKUs from brands like Salewa, Silvretta and Dynafit are stored in eight aisles, each equipped with a Mustang stacker crane.


The picking process takes place at ten specifically designed goods-to-person picking stations, fed  by the mini-load warehouse. 600 picks per shift are handled, in addition to bigger items like skies, which are picked manually. Thus, dependent on the season, up to 30,000 goods leave the warehouse per shift. Using Pick-to-Light technology, the cartons are packed specifically for each customer.


By using Pick-to-Light technology, the customer-specific cartons are packed and transported via a pusher line to a conveyor loop in the goods-out area where they are buffered and routed according to their destination. From there they proceed to a labelling machine via a continuous lift and continue to the despatch chutes where the cartons are classified for the different shippers.

Energy efficiency as optimum

Important requirements for the customer in the realisation of the logistics centre were the sustainability and energy efficiency. By using energy efficient drives with the conveyor equipment, and the stacker cranes, as well as energy recuperation that reduces the the energy demand, this philosophy is implemented.

"For Oberalp, this technology constitutes quite a fast development from a lot of manual work to a high level of automation," says Hubert Andres, Logistics Director at Oberalp. "It provides a considerably higher performance, but also presents us with completely new challenges, for instance with regard to personnel development for the operation and maintenance of the electro-mechanical system."


"For Oberalp these new technologies signify a rapid development from a lot of manual work to a high level of automation. This provides us with notably better performance, however, we are confronted with completely new challenges, for example regarding personnel development for operation and maintenance of the electro-mechanical system."