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Case Study Jack Wolfskin

"TGW managed to guide us out of the Stone Age into the modern era of logistics"

Case Study Jack WolfskinPLAY

    Automation for unloading up to 30 containers per day.

    Triple-deep storage of cartons provides for optimum ratio between storage capacity and storage density with dynamic performance.

    Paperless picking process and high picking accuracy thanks to picking instructions and scan confirmation using RF data transmission on mobile terminals

    Ergonomically designed workstations where the articles are prepared according to customer requirements.

Leading technologies and decades of application experience are in every JACK WOLFSKIN product, turning "At Home Outdoors" into a reality for the end consumer. The extraordinary growth of the outdoor specialist called for an extension of the warehousing and logistics systems. For this reason, the company turned to TGW to outfit a new distribution centre featuring TGW's innovative storage and order picking systems.

After intensive planning and 18 months of realisation and conversion of the entire logistics organisation, the new Jack Wolfskin logistics centre has been in full operation since the summer of 2010 and now supplies all of Europe.


  • Restructuring and expansion of existing logistics structures
  • Site located near Hamburg (Germany) close to the harbour to further employee the current staff
  • Automation or elimination of unproductive processes
  • Flexible adaptation of capacities to cover seasonal peak loads and future growth


  • Increase in efficiency in goods-in area and warehouse by direct handling of original cartons
  • Container unloading time reduced from one day to 45 minutes
  • Optimised storage density and access times thanks to triple-deep carton storage system
  • High throughput performance thanks to intelligent, paperless order control
  • Increased quality and performance in value-added services area
  • Individual degree of automation for maximum flexibility
  • Reduction of working times, even during peak season
  • Scalable solution ensures a secure future
  • Relocation to new logistics centre without negative effects on customer service


The new logistics centre in Neu Wulmstorf (Germany) serves about 3,000 points of sale in all of Europe and completely relies on direct carton handling – pallets, trays, or other additional load carriers are not needed. The new logistics centre's 30,000 m² footprint, which can be expanded by an additional 20,000, is designed to allow the company to grow at this site for more than 10 years so that all of Europe can continue to be supplied from this point.


"TGW managed to guide us out of the Stone Age into the modern era of logistics. It not only managed to implement a solution, but it included our entire company and organisation."