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Case Study Intersport Poland

Making people enjoy sports - The new logistics centre of INTERSPORT Poland offers potential for the growing company.

Case Study Intersport Poland

    "Sports to the people" is the international slogan of INTERSPORT. As a worldwide supplier of sports equipment and accessories, INTERSPORT wants to ensure that people enjoy sporting activities. To guarantee their part of contribution maximising the joy of sports, INTERSPORT Poland strived to create a new logistics centre. TGW realised a new innovative logistics centre including an automated warehouse and an extensive picking solution.

    The complete process of planning a new warehouse started about five years ago, when INTERSPORT implemented a new software for its warehouse. However, INTERSPORT’s fast expansion and the extended sales network demanded a new solution providing more space for new and bigger orders.

    Objectives & Requirements

    • Expansion and centralisation of logistics structures in Cholerzyn near Kraków and the airport
    • New warehouse ensuring successful operation for at least 10 years
    • Fast inbound and outbound of goods
    • Interface to SAP
    • Handling of 50,000 SKUs including oversized goods
    • Reduction of employees
    • Reduction of errors

    Customer benefits

    • Increase in efficiency caused by automated warehouse
    • Pick-to-light system omits errors
    • Individual use of two different bin sizes,
    • Individual arrangement of automated and manual storage
    • Adaption of the warehouse to the customer’s future development
    • One WMS for entire warehouse operation – manual and automated



    The new logistics centre in Cholerzyn near Kraków (Poland) serves more than 30 INTERSPORT stores in Poland with an increase of two to five each year. Moreover, it is used for INTERSPORT’s online sales, which are rising together with the number of shops. Today, within the 2,600 m2 logistics centre, there is a complete material handling system, from goods receiving area to dispatch and shipping to guarantee fast and proper replenishment of INTERSPORT stores across Poland.


    "TGW provided Polish people for negotiations, so it was easy to establish a mutual understanding concerning language and vision. Additionally, TGW’s commitment and immense willingness built mutual trust, which is necessary in such big logistic projects."